The Spicy Meatballs

The Spicy Meatballs
  • Afghanistan

  • Abkhaz


Introducing “The Spicy Meatballs” – a sizzling Tower Tag team that brings the heat straight to the virtual battlefield! These red-hot rascals are known for their fiery tactics, peppery personalities, and blazing-fast reflexes that leave opponents sweating bullets.


Always cooking up a storm, The Spicy Meatballs serve a generous helping of chaos to their adversaries with a side of steaming strategy. When these VR vigilantes start tossing their laser-fueled marinara, you can bet that their enemies will be running for the nearest glass of virtual milk!


So watch out, Tower Tag world! The Spicy Meatballs are here to dish out a scorching defeat, and they’re hungry for victory. Just remember: if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of their virtual kitchen!

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    VRC Crimson Dawn (Zurich)Tower Tag4/8 Teams Registered
    Start date:2023-04-29 16:00
    Tournament typeKnockout
    Game formatBest of 1
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