Rewarding PvP-VR-Shooter with special locomotion

Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement which gives the game a very dynamic gaming experience without the risk of causing simulator sickness, despite the relatively small space required. ​The locomotion in Tower Tag feels natural and is unprecedented. Natural walking movement is supported on the platforms, which surround the towers. In order to jump to another tower-platform the player shoots a laser rope toward a nearby tower and – once captured – can transport themself to the next platform by pulling the special gun controller. This real motion feels rewarding for the player, since the actual movement is moving the avatar in the virtual space as well. Moving through the arena is easy and rewarding, but the goal of the game is to defeat the opposing team. This can require strategic decisions. Which tower should be captured? Which team player aggresses or goes for diversion? How to gain an advantage over the opposing team on the map? Fun and tactics are big in Tower Tag.
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